How To Send Unlimited Emails To An Unlimited Subscriber list For Less Than 20 Bucks A Month

A quick post on how to send unlimited emails for a low one time fee. If you are an ardent Affiliate marketer, you will quickly realise the mounting cost that comes with owning an email list. The norm being that the more your subscriber base increases, the more you pay to keep that list.

Good economy? A thousand times nahhh!

This is obviously not a cost effective way of doing affiliate marketing. The big dogs can afford to that because they quickly make enough month in month out to cover for the monthly expenses of owning an email list. HOwever, this is not so feasible for an affiliate marketer who is just starting out. This post is for you if you would like to know how you can pay a one time fee to host an unlimited email list and send unlimited emails at the same time.

Do you like the sound of that already?

So do I 😀

First, the PROs

As I earlier mentioned, you get to keep an unlimited email list and can send as many emails as you want. This is not so different from your regular autoresponder services like Getresponse and Aweber being the most popular ones. You also get to send unlimited emails with those. However, you get to pay a higher fee as your subscriber base increases.

Therefore, most affiliate marketer usually would loose their email list to keep the subscriber base within a certain limit monthly, and what that means is constantly cleaning out your email list once you approach the threshold limit.

You don’t have that kind of problem with our number one recommended autoresponder service.

The CONs

This really is not con, you will see in a minute what I mean. Usually, when a lead subscribes to a list, there are two traditional ways of having their information stored on your autoresponder service namely, single Opt-in and Double Opt-in.

Single Opt-in means that you get to keep a lead without them necessarily confirming their subscription to your list. The downside to this is that you may have to keep alot of fake emails by ghost subscribers who just put in anything to take a look at offer back of your landing page or wherever it that you have hosted your subscription form.

Some schools of thoughts are of the opinion that you detter many subscribers by demanding a double-opt-in. Some would rather have as many subscribers reaching their landing page to opt-in, in my opinion and experience, this is unprofitable for you. The goal of an email marketer is to have a responsive list. Of what benefit is it to have a subscriber base full of ghost emails that would end up bouncing?

Double Opt-in remains my number one way of growing a subscriber list. Our recommended email service particularly specializes in this. For those who do not understand what double opt-in is, simply, it means that a lead need to confirm through a link sent to their email their subscription to your list.

Why is this an advantage and not a disadvantage?

If a subscriber send in or inputs a fake email, they never will receive any subscription link in their email, and that therefore mean that their email doesn’t exist, which invariable means we can keep one more ghost lead of the list!

If you ask me, I prefer this, my opinion though. I have had to state this because some of you wanting to take up this offer need to know that our recommended email service does not allow Single Opt-in, ever, unlike the popular ones you already know about – the likes of Getresponse and Aweber.

Don’t get me wrong, these two and their likes also offer Double Opt-in, but they give you the option of switching it off by sliding one button on their website. Ours, doesn’t have that switch. You can only load your list with subscribers who confirm their subscription through a link sent to their email.

How Do You Get Started?

Here is a link to signup to Traffic Wave and start a 30 Day Free Trial of the service.

Some of the perks here include:

How Do You Pay?

Traffic Wave Offer two ways to pay via Credit card and Skrill.

We personally prefer to use a Skrill payment, however, you will need to verify your skrill account to use this. If you need help with this don’t hesitate to contact us on the About Us Page

We’d be glad to help you out.

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