How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria | N739,500 in 12 Days! Case Study

Good to be back to put up content on How to go about doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria!

How About Some Life Nuggets For A Start?

Life sometimes gets in the way but we must against all odds continue to forge ahead. You have to climb that mountain which comes to us in different forms, either it is a mountain of learning a new skill or reading a new book. For others, it might be going back to school. In any case, the common ground is that one learns to be a better version of themself.

The wiser you get, the less you talk.

Which brings me back to the subject of today – Affiliate Marketing

If you’re ready, then let’s go!
The last couple of months for me have been a time of learning and implementing and growing. There is an incredible lot of information when it comes to internet marketing. I dare to say that one could get lost without a proper plan.

While in the trenches, what I have found of great value is my zest for information and learning. I pay to have my own kind of education.  Not to forget the tons of webinars I attend and glean from. And I said that to say, that a person should not expect to grow, who would not invest DELIBERATELY in himself.

Back to the subject, affiliate marketing in Nigeria has definitely been advancing in the last couple of years. There have been many more people getting in the game especially to sell information selling, which is beautiful thing. However, not many people in Nigeria still understand how to take advantage of the vast gap that still exist in the Affiliate Marketing Industry in Nigeria.

Here is the divide, many affiliate marketers do not put in the time to be thorough. To do affiliate marketing successfully, firstly, it has to be valuable and educative. Secondly, it is either of global standard or nothing.

Excellence is key to longevity of success

The goal of this post is not to bore you with the jargons of what affiliate marketing is, you probably know all about that already. I will however give you a basic break down of what this is.

So then, what is Affiliate Marketing?

This is s system setup whereby you get a commission for the sale of someone else’s product or service ( a product or service vendor). Your business as an affiliate is to sell such product or service. How you go about that is your business absolutely, provided you follow ethical rules.
How you convince someone to buy anything is solely your responsibility.

When it comes to the offers to promote, there is myriad of things out there. A popular example would be Ecommerce

This is where you promote offers on giant ecommerce websites like jumia, konga etc. So basically, there affiliate program works in line with the definition¬† I gave above. How to join their affiliate program is not our focus today. However, if that interests you, simply google “Affiliate program Jumia” or konga and you are sure to find a link to where you can sign up. At the backend, on your affiliate dashboard, you are given a referral link which you can promote. Every visit to your referral link to products or services on any of these websites will earn you a commission.

So you kind of have a feel of how this works now right?

But for most people, they have no idea what to do and where to start. This is the very reason for this post. Even some of the advanced affiliates will find this useful. It is my goal to point you in the right direction and get you making consistent bank of selling other people’s products or services.

Can I be honest with you?

There is upfront work/sacrifice to it, but afterwards it pays you consistently month after month, once you get it right.

The Case Study 1: 100k In Two Weeks

The Case Study 2: How I Made N739,500 In 12 days! Building  A List of 4,612 Targeted Emails on The Side

The specific case study I’m giving away in this post is by a good mentor of mine in the internet marketing space. A Blogger, coach and 7 figure earner by the name of Joe Okoro.

Alright , so you’re excited and pumped up and you see the possibilities of making substantial income from the comfort of your home?

Here are a few questions you may be asking right now?

  • What do I promote?
  • How do I promote what I choose to promote?
  • What do I need to get started?

Well, you want to grab a front row seat on this 43 minutes training.
Your access link is below, tell us where to send you the link to this special training video:

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Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is still in its infancy stage, so here is your opportunity to grab a huge chunk of the pie all from the comfort of your home.

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